signed by the spirtiual and wordly leader of the Tibetans himself.


On July 28, 2007 I met the XIV Dalai Lama in Freiburg, Germany to let him sign my picture as the spiritual and worldly head of the Tibetans. The handcrafted artwork consists of more than 3,000 pixel-like frames of the Tibetan flag and reveals a portrait of the Dalai Lama in his totality. The artwork, printed on canvas, is 135 x 100 cm. The signed artwork was auctioned in favour of the Tibetan Children’s Educational & Welfare Fund ( www.sherig.org  ) for a school project in Dharamsala. The proceeds of € 6,000.00 were donated to the TCEWF and symbolically handed over to the XIV Dalai Lama, who very much supports this initiative ( donation ).

For his bloodless fight for the independence of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in India since 1959, received the Nobel Prize for peace in 1989. Since the occupation by the Chinese in 1950, he exerts himself untiringly for the freedom and against the political and religious suppression by the Chinese rulers. To this day, about 1.2 million Tibetans lost their lives through terror and hunger. Every year about 2,500 Tibetans – amongst them many children - try to reach freedom by passing some of the world's highest mountain passes. Even today it is forbidden in Tibet to own pictures or even show pictures of the Dalai Lama. For these reasons and as an artist, I used the opportunity and idea to portray the Dalai Lama to once more point out the mismanagement in Tibet. Through this project it was possible to make a valuable contribution to maintain the Tibetan culture.

For their friendly support and great cooperation, I would like to very much thank Mr. Tenzin D. Sewo of the Tibet office in Geneva, Mr. Wilfried Pfeffer of the Tibet Kailash house in Freiburg and Mr. Peter Kunze in Darmstadt.

For further information please visit:    www.dalailama.com    and    www.tibet-initiative.de    and   photos    and    video


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